CadH5 is a promising web based CAD system in development. It is based on HTML5, while the data is stored at the server in .cdh5 format based files. This means that anyone with a PC with Internet connection and a not-too-old browser can view your CAD data!

Subscribed data providers can convert their CAD data to the .cdh5 format by one of our freely available converters, and upload it to our server.

Currently the possibilities of CADH5 roughly are:

CadH5 is mainly intended for topographic purposes (2D).
In future, it will be possible for granted users to edit the drawings. Currently it is still about viewing.

Also in future, it will be possible to use your own JavaScript-written scripts to do operations that meet your desires.

Try it out

You can create a user in a Demo project below. (There is a limited number of demo users available).
You can then go to the Login Page and log in (click on the text field behind "Username:" and in the subsequent prompt box fill in Demo) and leaving the password field empty).

Eventually you may want to read the Help document, which opens after pressing the button with the questionmark. In the section Operations, the basics are explained about manipulating a CadH5 view. Most important is to remember the ESC key on your keyboard.

After logging in, a list of the .cdh5 files in the Demo project appear. Here you can select a file to open and view.

Create your demo user. Name must start with 'demo' (case dependent).

Note that JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. It must be enabled anyway to use CadH5.