Converter from DGN


DgnToCadH5 is a MicroStation "mdl" program that you can use to convert your MicroStation designfiles to .cdh5 files, for subsequent upload to CadH5. A CadH5 user, assigned to your project, granted with CadH5 Administrator rights, can upload files to the project.

DgnToCadH5 can be used in MicroStation versions V8 and V8i (not CONNECT).

Download the .ma application file to a location of preference on your PC. Load it from a MicroStation designfile session by keying in "mdl load PATH\", so that it's main dialog opens.

You can use button "Convert" to convert your active designfile (more precisely your active model) to a .cdh5 file with the same file name in the same path.

You can use button "Multi convert" to convert more than one designfile. The MicroStation dialog for specifying the designfiles appears. (Note: in MicroStation V8 you must not forget to use the "Add" button below). Only their default model is converted, if they have more than one model.


MicroStation has much more features than CadH5, and this is also sometimes reflected in the formats used. The cadH5 Help file, which opens after pressing the button with the questionmark in CadH5, has a list with the main differences in section 'Principles'. Here is a direct link: Origins.


If your designfile covers an area with a size of say, a city, and the precision of the working units is centimeters or millimeters, then you can do with the default settings.

If it is about thousands of kilometers, the produced file may get very inefficient in usage (having many "Mainranges"; a regular number is like 20). It may be necessary to decrease "Precision in cdh5" and to increase "Size Mainranges in cdh5".

Some more explanation:

Extra: dump cdh5file to ascii

This option allows you to select a .cdh5 file. It then creates a .txt file with the same name in the same path. The .txt file shows a lot of internal details of the file, that may be of interest, for example how many 'MainRanges' it contains. It is also a check: if inconsistencies are found, those will be reported as errors.