Operations in a Cdh5 View


Multiple views

Unfortunately, Multiple views results almost unworkable with Internet Explorer and Edge! The CPU is almost eaten, and it seems to hang. That's why a discouraging message is displayed in these browsers, but Multiple views is not entirely disabled in them. Best browser for this seems to be Chrome.

The first CadH5 view that you see after opening a file is the main view, or "View 1". This view cannot be closed without closing the file, and has the operation buttons and controls. You can however open extra views, that may have their own level visibility settings and display criteria.


Zooming operations are started from one of the zoom buttons, that become visible after pressing the button "Hide/Show zoom buttons". Alternatively, for shorter distances, you can move the view by dragging it with the left mouse button pressed, and zoom by using the mouse wheel.

The zoom button operations will cause CadH5 to retrieve elements from the server.

The button operations require one click more than you might expect, especially if you are using only the main view. That extra click, anywhere in the desired target view, is necessary to indicate which view that is. This allows for example that you indicate in an overview view the two points of the desired area, and then in the main view the last click to indicate that it's the target.

Commands Stack: when a zoom command is started and a non-zoom command is currently active, this non-zoom command is suspended. After terminating the zoom command, it is resumed. This offers the possibility to for example give the first datapoint of a measuring command, then zooming to quite another region, then give the second datapoint.

Zoom to element N may come in utile if you see nothing, not even after using 'Zoom to show all elements'.

The zoom possibilities by button are:
Button1st point2nd point3rd pointkey F
Zoom by rect 2 ptsrect cornerrect cornerview indicator--
Zoom outnew center pointview indicator--enter factor (default 2)
Pannew center pointview indicator----
Zoom to show all elementsview indicator------
Zoom: refreshview indicator------
Zoom to element Nview indicator----enter N (default: 1,2,etc)


Toggle settings become visible after pressing the button "Hide/Show toggle checks".


If "snap" is on, when the cursor is being moved and it is close to an element's end point or vertex or arc center, the cursor "snaps" to that point. A cross is displayed at the snapped point, and it's x, y coordinates are displayed in the view's left below corner.
The snap point will be important in future precise operations.


Alternative Display Criteria

Once you have established a set of Alternative Display Criteria in Settings ., by means of this toggle you can easily switch between normal display and display according to those criteria. By means of the optionbox, you can switch between different sets, if you have more than one.

You can use the criteria per view, by means of the optionbox "View". So for example you could organize view 2 as an overview where all tubes having an attribute Diameter wider than 2 cm are displayed in red and the rest in white.
See the Multiple views issues.

Select Element operations

Possible Select Element command buttons become visible after pressing the button "Hide/Show select element buttons". See General for more info about selecting elements.
Currently there is only one of such a command:

Element Info

For the selected and accepted element a window will be opened, listing it's internal data such as it's x, y coordinates, it's level, it's override color, it's attributes etc.

Other operations

Possible other command buttons and controls ("etc") become visible after pressing the button "Hide/Show buttons for other operations". Currently there is only one:


Once you have established a set of "Search Criteria" in Settings ., you can start a search by means of this button. The optionbox lets you select which set of criteria to use, if there is more than one set.

A search is executed by the server. If at least one element, matching the criteria, is found, CadH5 zooms in on it. Controls appear to navigate to the next or previous element, or you can specify a sequence number (after pressing button "goto").
If you press button "Start/Stop search" again, the search is stopped and the extra controls disappear.

You can let the found element be displayed "hilited" by the toggle "hilite".

You can specify the view where the found elements are displayed in the optionbox "View". Note: you cannot change views during element hopping in a search, because different views may have different level visibility selections, so in order to use another view you have to stop the active search (by pressing the button "Start/Stop search"), change the view number in optionbox "view", and restart the search.

General Settings you can specify an alternative zoomfactor by which the found elements are displayed. Default is 2. (You have to close the file to go to General Settings).

Note that the search, and also iterating to a next or previous found element, requires data from the server to be received.

User scripts

If the logged in user disposes of scripts, the buttons to start those become visible after pressing the button "User scripts". Otherwise, just the text "No user scripts available" appears.
The description of this feature is currently not yet available; soon to come.

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