Users, Projects, Cdh5 Files

Each drawing resides in a .cdh5 file at the server. Each user has been assigned a Project to (currently only one). The project has a collection of .cdh5 files that the user can select to open after logging in.

Cdh5 settings, among which view settings, are stored per user and per .cdh5 file, so they do not apply to all users.

There are also general settings per user.

Some users have Administrator rights: they can administer the .cdh5 files in the project (download, upload, delete and rename them).

Origins of data

Most of the example .cdh5 files originate from Bentley MicroStation designfiles (".dgn") and were converted by the "mdl" converter that is freely available at the CadH5 site.
There is also a conversion from shape files (".shp"). It is however likely that most data will originate from .dgn .

But there are differences. Here is a list:

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